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Founded in 2016, Eco Picot Air Exchangers is an owner-operated company in Moncton that aims at catering to all your HRV (heat recovery ventilator), ERV (energy recovery ventilator) and air exchanger needs. We have a team of experienced and friendly technicians who make sure that every customer’s need is satisfied without fail. From helping you with all the installation and services to assisting you in the parts replacement process, we will have your back from start to finish.

Our company is also an authorized sales and service representative of Venmar®. Our team has the right product and reliable service to make your home a healthy and comfortable place to live in. You would be happy to know that we also offer retrofits to older homes in the area. This will help you cut down on the overall cost because, you can just add a new feature to your existing air exchangers instead of replacing the whole unit in case it is outdated or not functioning well. Call us today to schedule an appointment or visit us to get the right air ventilation equipment.

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