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Indoor Air Quality Systems

Improve your indoor air quality with our air exchangers. We handle everything from sales and service to installations. We also offer retrofitting services to older homes.


Are you tired of putting up with poor-quality indoor air? Eco Picot Air Exchangers is here for your rescue. We ensure that fresh air is supplied to your property, without compromising your comfort or increasing your energy bills. Count on us when you are in need of efficient air ventilation system services in Moncton. Our team has the required skill and equipment to handle sales, repair, installation, replacement and servicing of your air ventilation systems. 

Due to continuous wear and tear, there are high chances that your air ventilation system would begin to malfunction. It might be due to the damage in some part or outdated equipment. It is very economical and hassle-free to consider retrofit in such situations. Our team has the expertise to all your retrofitting needs. You are sure to receive complete dedication and commitment on every service you schedule with us. Get in touch with us to learn more or to schedule an appointment.


Modern homes are airtight and feature energy-saving insulation. This is great for saving money and keeping your home nice and cozy, but this also causes humidity and pollutants to become trapped in your home. In fact, well over half of New Brunswick homes show signs of excess humidity and elevated pollutants that can lead to respiratory issues.

We use research-backed HRV, ERV, and air exchanger technologies to eliminate or significantly reduce these excess airborne toxins and high levels of humidity. After all, high humidity for prolonged periods of time can cause bacteria and mould to flourish — these are contaminants you don’t necessarily want your family to be breathing.

Our systems are designed to bring you a fresh, continuous supply of clean air, without compromising your indoor comfort or energy bills. Remember: having your air exchanger cleaned and inspected annually will keep your family breathing easy.

Air Exchanger


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